empathy and technology

z-access - live generated animation workshops for education and creative development

For the last 6 years Georgie Pinn has been developing a range of motion tracking based applications that bring animation to an interactive live arena . With empathy and education as the focus, the projects investigate experimental forms of shared identity and experience, using narrative and the role of the custom made avatar. Georgie encourages the audience to step outside of their familiar world and connect with the other through a personalised emotional experience. 



Georgie uses the immersive nature of interactive animation and sound to harness empathy and make way for learning and new forms of expression for both the artist and the audience. The intention of the project is to democratise public screens. Georgie uses the generative, data driven software Touchdesigner as a tool for exploring these concepts.
The workshop outcome is to enable artists of all mediums and educators to transform their content into an animated format that can be manipulated in real-time by the audience in public spaces, lifting the work off the page into a screen-based event context. This project aims to increase and diversify audience participation and generate an emotional connection with the subject matter.The video below illustrates an example of a workshop designed for artists.




- electric corpse'


government funded workshops for holiday programs and primary school curriculum

The project was originally commissioned by the  City of Melbourne. Georgie Pinn devised workshops where children could create  an animated film based on their own hand drawn characters. The concept was then incorporated into the primary school curriculum with funding from Creative Victoria. Childrens' drawings lift off the page as they animate them using full body motion tracking and facial recognition software. The group then collaboratively devise a narrative and and soundscape, acting out the scenes of the film. Apart from the multi disciplinary skills the participants learnt how to share ownership of their concepts and designs, how to collaboratively create and how to connect empathetically with the avatars an content.


case study documentary of project- made by creative victoria

example of completed animated film

INTERACTIVE performance/installation/screening

- 'electric dragon'

The dragon is by nature is an eclectic creature, wearing the head of a camel, the body of a snake, the claws on an eagle etc. He resonates through many cultures and was chosen as a vehicle to connect a range of cultures and increase knowledge and empathy towards the significance of The Lunar New year,

The interactive multi media event was comissioned for the main stage of Federation Square over 5 nights. Georgie Pinn wrote and created an animated narrative that followed the creation story of Fang, the dragon. The film was screened in parallel with a traditional shadow based choreography performance by the dancer Anna Yen. The performance was then followed by a call to action for the audience to mount the stage, form their own shadow, create their own dragon and simultaneously animate the dragon in real time using full body motion tracking. They were able to step inside the skin of the protagonist and write their own personalised chapter to the story as their actions were mixed back into the screened narrative above the stage.


edited documentation short of the event

the legend - the creation story



This is the fantasy world of the robot, collage style puppets made from found objects and old technology. They meet together for an event where the participants are able to interchange and select different body parts to design and personalise their own characters. After which they are able to drive in real time the animation of the characters with their own bodies.

These characters reference the idea of the found object in our throw away society and show how the old can become new though imagination and resourcefulness,f finding personality and empathy for inanimate objects.