Audio Visual Concepts & design for Events

queensland museum

welcome to country- permanent installation

Georgie Pinn designs creative concepts and multi media installations for events . She began as a VJ and then moved towards designing virtual projection sets and video characters for dance, theatre, and fashion events. In her first major directorial role she created a permanent installation work for the Queensland Museum. This was a "Welcome to Country" piece that experimented with in camera projected light effects, water and the dreamtime stories of the Turrbal and the Jagera nations.

She continues to bring her multi media skills to the stage, creating holographic ghosts for productions such as "Hamlet" and original sets and pieces for musical productions such as "the Songs of Bond" and "At Last, the Story of Etta James."

Her latest application, "Electric Puppet" brings animation to the live arena. She has devised an application that allows animated characters and sounds to be adapted by the audience and then animated in real time by body movement.

This work has moved to also facial recognition technology and further live animation techniques are being explored for education.


Her latest work was creating animated sets for Melbourne's Fashion Week. This project involved motion design and editing for 6 Runway shows and was staged at Melbourne Town Hall.





Hamlet ghost,

Australian shakespeare company

wonderment walk - the yarra gallery

a collaboration with john olsen , wwv & federation square